Do It Yourself

Restore a Deck

Wood deck covering: An affordable alternative to replacement

Keeping a wood deck looking good takes a lot of work. The boards can still crack and splinter, making the deck look old and worn. The best way to restore your existing deck is by applying a deck paint restoration product.

Tools required for this Project

  • Paint tray
  • Paintbrush
  • Safety glasses

You will also need special application rollers (one roller for every 15 Litres of restoration coating), a firm scrub brush, a roller extension pole, and a high-pressure hose. (High-pressure hoses can be rented if you do not own one.)

Materials required for this Project

  • Masking tape
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Paint stirring sticks (you will need these to clean the product from the gaps between boards)
  • Acrylic caulk
  • Deck restoration coating
  • Deck cleaner (We suggest using a manufacturer’s recommended product twice a year to clean your deck)

Protect the wood with special coatings made specifically for restoring your deck

Deck paint restoration coatings can last about 12 years without additional applications, providing a completely new textured surface and is thick enough to fill all cracks, knotholes, and splinters.

This project can be completed over a period of three days.  On day one you can get all the preparation work done then on the following weekend you can apply the restore paint product over a two-day period.

 Here’s how to buy the best deck paint product, prepare the surface and apply it.

What is a Deck Restoration Coating?

Deck restore paint coatings are made from a long-lasting tint’able acrylic base material with UV inhibitors and added solids of aluminium/sand. Some brands of wood deck covering form an impenetrable barrier while others allow the wood to breathe while repelling water at the same time. 

All brands require that surfaces be prepared correctly beforehand, so read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. For the best results, we recommend you apply two coats for the best performance.

Pick the wood deck covering 

Deck covering options

Build it Hermanus recommends Woodoc Water-Borne Deck.

Developed in South Africa using the most advanced International Technology and high in UV-absorbers to withstand the harsh African sun and extreme weather, it is the answer to keeping decks looking beautiful for longer

A water-borne exterior sealer, especially developed for application to all exterior wooden decks and -staircases, as well as other exterior wood.

There are many fantastic products on the market, Build it Hermanus’s friendly staff would be happy to advise you on alternative products, so you will find the best deck paint to suit your needs.

Now that you have chosen a brand you like; you need to choose the colour of your wood deck covering carefully.  Dark colours retain heat so if your deck gets direct sunlight it might be too hot to walk on with bare feet.  Deck restore coatings absorb and retain heat longer than plain wood. 

We recommend you buy the manufacturer’s deck washing product to ensure compatibility with the deck coating. 

Prepare the surface

Protect the house with plastic sheeting and masking tape 

You will want to avoid paint from splattering on posts, rails, and the sides of the house by wrapping the exposed areas with plastic sheeting and masking tape.  Spread poly sheeting under the deck to catch the paint dripping through the board gaps.

Reset any nails that are protruding and secure any loose boards with deck screws to start with.  Next using an 80-grit sandpaper, sand the deck to remove any old product and rough up the surface.

 Dilute the deck cleaning product according to manufacturer’s instructions, apply it, and let it soak in. Scrub the entire deck using a firm scrubbing brush making sure to remove all the grease. Now use the high-pressure hose to remove the ground-in dirt on and in between the boards.  

Good Job! 

Let the wood dry for about a week before applying the restoration product. It’s been a week; the weather is beautiful and it’s time to get back to work! Great, Let’s get on with it and apply the first coat

Roll on the deck restore coating

To get started, fill the holes and cracks with latex caulk and let it set. Go ahead, dip your roller in the pail, place it on the deck boards pressing down to get a good thick first coat and start rolling.

Work slowly and meticulously, coating several boards at a time, to ensure the proper coating thickness.  Great, you have completed your first coat, now let the first coat dry for about six hours or dry to the touch.The first coat is only your primer and its purpose is to make sure all the areas that have been restored are covered and sealed.  Once the second coat is applied you will have a very different look.

Now that your first coat has dried you are ready to apply the second coat using the same method.  

The second coat takes longer to dry so we recommend that you let your deck dry for at least two full days before using it.

Great Job!

Please send us a photo of your newly restored deck, we would love to see it, you can upload your images in the comments section!

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